If you find yourself consistently capturing great moments with your GoPro, you can win some cold, hard cash from the company itself.

GoPro is awarding up to $5 million annually to GoPro content creators. Capture your interests, your passions, your life… with a GoPro. Submit your best photos, raw clips and video edits on GoPro page. GoPro will be granting cash awards for their favorites in each category.

How GoPro Awards Works

1. Capture: Your interests. Your passions. Your life…with a GoPro

2. Submit: Your most interesting photos and videos to gopro.com/awards

3. Receive: Global exposure and ongoing awards. GoPro Awards will be given for memorable photos ($500), raw video clips ($1000), and video edits ($5000) in a variety of genres.

“GoPro enables a global movement of self-expression that’s resulting in some of the most compelling user-generated content ever created. The positive impact on our brand and business has been immeasurable. Now we’re excited to start rewarding our customers for their content contributions with GoPro Awards,” said Nicholas Woodman, GoPro’s founder and CEO.



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