Ski vs. Snowboard | the good partCine a spus ca skiorii si boarderii nu se pot da pe aceeasi partie in “armonie”? Cel putin pe latura extrema a acestor sporturi nu cred ca sunt probleme asa mari.

Vezi si articolul Ski sau Snowboard | Care este mai periculos?

If you’ve never skied or boarded before you’ve got a decision to make. The best advice is to go watch a bunch of skiing and snowboarding videos and see which style appeals to you more. Skiers will tell you it is easier to quickly ride off the lift and drop in, as well as traverse out to hard to reach and often untracked terrain. On the flip side, snowboarders are quick to comment on the comfort of their boots and the tricks they can do in the park.
Either way, it is all about having fun.


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