AcasăsporturiSnowboardCea mai tare masina pentru snowboarderi

Cea mai tare masina pentru snowboarderi

Technical apparel company 686 and Scion are pleased to introduce the world’s first and only car solely dedicated to snowboarding, “Numeric”. Built for snowboarders by snowboarders, the car is the caveat in the 20th anniversary celebration for 686.Numeric: 686 and Scion Snowboarding Concept Car

686 teamed up with Scion Racing and Spin Imaging to develop the one-of-a-kind custom winter masterpiece. The Numeric is based off of Scion’s xB model. Never before has a car been re-created, re-developed and re-invigorated in such a unique manner. Each aspect of the build was directly inspired from a product and brand that’s progressively pushed snowboarding to new levels.

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