Want to feel nervous? Try riding a bike at night alongside a busy road.

Even if you’re festooned in lights and reflectors, there’s a real chance that a less-than-attentive driver will smack into you. Volvo may have a better way to keep cars at a distance, however.

Its new LifePaint spray is invisible during the day, but reflects car headlights in the evening. You can coat your bike, your clothing or most anything else and provide a heads-up to motorists, who’ll see bright white as they get close.

It only lasts for 10 days at a time, but you can wash it off — just don’t ride during a heavy rainstorm and you’ll be fine. The biggest challenge is simply getting some cans for yourself. Volvo is only offering LifePaint in six London- and Kent-area bike shops right now, and availability will depend on how it fares in these test areas.

Te gandesti la o bicicleta?


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