If you are a motorcycle freak, then you surely want to be aware of the latest update on the new and upcoming bike models. A new bike called the Hoverbike is all set to be given a try. This hoverbike has been invented and designed by Chris Malloy, and it is meant only for all those audacious bikers in the world.

Hoverbike | motocicleta zburatoare

The bike comes with an 1170 cc 4-stroke engine which provides 80 kW compelling two ducted propellers. The bike is supposed to touch a height of at least 10,000 feet due to its high force to weight ratio and is expected to reach the estimated airspeed of 278 km/hr or 173 mph.

Hoverbike | motocicleta zburatoare

Sadly, this bike has not been tested out; hence the figures provided are just hypothetical.


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